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No rest for the wicked (and I don’t want there to be)

It’s a busy busy time.  I might, in a moment of madness, even go so far as to refer to myself as a bee. 

But busy is a good thing, especially the things I’m busy with.  I’m now officially free to start making real headway on Second Novel – YAY!  (Not that I wasn’t free to before, but other things took precedence.)  I’m SO excited to be really writing again, or at least to be staring the blank page in the eye.  Brainstorming comes first, and that in itself is a ton of fun.  I’ve got a great piece of mind-mapping software that lets me go off on all kinds of crazy tangents and keep track of ideas both utterly lunatic and potentially viable.  As much as I’m a “pants” writer (as in, by-the-seat-of, I do very very little outlining) I do need to know where I’m going to start, some major events along the way, and where I plan to end up.  Everything else, well, I trust that my mind and the words will take me to the right places most of the time, and that I’ll be able to do a U-turn when I wind up on the wrong track.

Caffeine: check.

Second Novel playlist: check.  (This will probably change as I get down to specifics, but for now I have one that suits the overall mood.)

Brainstorming file open: check.

A Google history full of truly bizarre searches: check.  This is one of the funniest things about being a writer.  I think most of us must be on watch lists somewhere.

Ready to go!  I’m so excited.

On a somewhat related note, my online critique group is setting up a blog.  We’re all at different stages of the writing game and will all be talking about where we are in the process, how we write, etc.  I’ll be blogging about writing Second Novel here, but will also be doing it there and will post a link just as soon as the blog goes live.

Happy writing!


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