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The countdown begins! (And other random stuff)


For some reason this feels really huge, like we’re entering the home stretch. Pages have been proofread, ARCs are beginning to make their way out into the world. This is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking, and all I can really say about that is that I hope people enjoy it. Final decisions are being made. After almost exactly 2 years (I started writing it the last week of December 2010) I don’t get to change it anymore. That’s kind of weird.

While all that’s been happening, I wrote most of a (very messy) first draft of another MG book, finished the first round of edits on Magic Bird Book, and last weekend, resumed work on CHORUS, the sequel to CODA.

Me, for the past five weeks.

Returning to CHORUS has been interesting. I wrote a decent-sized chunk of it last December/January, and then for various reasons to do with timing and deadlines and more urgent things, I put it aside. I looked at it briefly in April, but really it hadn’t been touched for almost a year. I know the whole basic plot, but did I know what I meant to write in the sentence after the last one I wrote in January?

Answer: no.

I jumped that hurdle, though, and being back with these characters is a lot of fun, not only because of the awesome music I get to listen to while I write it. (OK, a big part of the fun is the awesome music.) Writing it makes me think a lot of the time when I was writing CODA, and comparing that to where I am now, with just six months before it’s on shelves, is kind of surreal and so, so cool.

That’s pretty much it! There’ll be some exciting announcements soon about stuff happening in January and beyond, but I can’t quite talk about them yet. Stay tuned!

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