Because we’re all in this together…

23 Feb

I was just over on Stefan Bachmann’s blog and he gave me the nicest shoutout (thanks, Stefan!) at the end of his post of 11 weird facts about him. And so, because I am enormously kind-hearted and he told people what his middle name is, I thought I’d come over here and embarrass myself a little for your amusement.

Plus it seems like fun, and I just finished a CHORUS chapter, and I need to figure out how to start the next one, so clearly I’m flailing around online instead of drowning myself in Scrivener like I SHOULD.

11 random facts about me:

1. I wear a Slytherin scarf in the winter and laugh to myself when I see people recognize it. And then I pretend they’re not laughing at me.

2. When I was really little, I thought you had to pass a test before they let you be a grownup. Knowing myself as a grownup now, I truly understand that they let anyone into the club.

3. I once hurt my shoulder so badly I needed months of physical therapy to get it back to something approaching normal function, and it’s still not totally healed. I’d love to tell you some thrilling story involving mountain climbing or pirates or that time I joined the circus, but I actually did it getting out of bed on a perfectly ordinary morning. Go ahead and wonder how I managed that, I’ll wait.

4. I collect shoes and dictionaries, but I have more of the former.

5. I’ve been hoarding music since I was about thirteen. It would take 45 days to listen to every song on my iPod just once. 12 of those songs are the Labyrinth soundtrack.

6. I’m allergic to kiwi fruit, which is a shame because I really love them. I’m not allergic to beets, which is a shame because I really hate them.

7. The very first copy of CODA I ever signed was for a Famous Person. No, I won’t say who.

8. My dog is bigger than your dog.

9. I have a scar on the bottom of my foot from stepping on a bee when I was seven.

10. I am awkward and nervous around people 100% of the time, although I’m told I hide it well.

11. I once ran into an actor while he was going into a bookstore and I was leaving it. Not, “Oh, hello, how are you” kind of ran-into, because that would be weird, but full on ran-into-into-and-fell-over, which was just humiliating. He helped me up, which was very nice of him, and ignored my incoherent babbling, also very nice of him.

SO THERE WE GO. And my thanks to Stefan for giving me something to do while I figure out the next chapter.


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2 responses to “Because we’re all in this together…

  1. Cathrine Bock (@cathrinebock)

    February 23, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Lol… my husband read Stefan’s 11 weird facts post to me this morning, since he’d just finished reading The Peculiar, and then your post popped up in my google reader a few minutes later. 🙂

    • emmatrevayne

      February 25, 2013 at 4:14 pm

      Ha! I think Stefan’s were more interesting than mine, but thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂


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