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A quick round up of Happening Things

Life is getting busy in the run-up to CODA; I can’t believe it’s already almost here. Three hundred and fifty five days after I first typed The End, my book will be out in the world. I have so much to do, but here’s a lighting-fast collection of things that have happened or are happening:

My latest story went up at The Cabinet of Curiosities yesterday.

Kelly Johnson had me over at My Countless Lives to confess five guilty pleasures. Thanks, Kelly!

CODA pre-orders are on sale at Amazon. I have no idea how long the sale will last, so grab it while you can, if you’re so inclined!

Busy as I am with writing and whatnot, I’ve taken a little time out to read some great books recently. For fans of contemporary YA, I cannot recommend ELEANOR & PARK or ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE highly enough.

The beautiful, wonderful, sparkly Tonya reviewed CODA at The Midnight Garden.

And finally, Jay Spencer has me over at All the Write Notes today discussing my favorite bands and songs, and how music is an essential part of my writing process, complete with gifs and the greatest Robert Smith pic ever!

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Books I’m reading…or not.

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who needs to steer clear of certain kinds of book while writing.  During the CODA process, I had to give up sci-fi completely, and even a lot of other kinds of fiction written by people whose style stuck in my head too easily.  I wound up reading a lot of non-fiction, especially biographies and travel memoirs, and re-reading a lot of Terry Pratchett.  (I love the Discworld books, but the style was never going to infect me.  I’m totally incapable of bringing that level of funny.)  I celebrated finishing CODA by reading John M. Cusick’s excellent GIRL PARTS.*

Now, I’m writing two books at the same time.  One is a kind of companion novel to CODA, so all of the above still applies.  The other one means that I can’t re-read any of the fantasy series I love so much.  Including Narnia and Harry Potter.  My soul is crying.  If that’s not incentive to finish the book, I don’t know what is.

What I am/have been reading recently:  A lot of contemporary YA, in particular John Green’s amazing THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. (I don’t really need to link that, do I?  You all have a copy?  Good.)  Also, all the Bill Bryson travel memoirs I haven’t read yet (there aren’t many on that list), THE MASTER AND MARGARITA again to see if I understand more of what the hell is going on the second time around, and a few reference books on plot and style I dip in and out of.

It’s important to know and ready widely in your genre, but equally important to let yourself fall behind on that reading while you write.  You know, YOUR book.  The one that’s nothing like anyone else’s.  You can always catch up.

Mostly, though, I’m writing another book I want to read.

*And with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire.  The author made up a drinking game for me based on the book.  HA!

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