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Travel, book launches, sickness, book deal announcements, and…everything.

Wow, it’s been quiet around here, which is obviously completely my fault. But oh, have I had a busy time of it, readers.

First of all, I haven’t been able to promo my Trevor Project thing as much as I’d like, so I’m going to let that run into June. And here’s why:

I had TWO book deadlines in April. Which was fine, until I pulled a muscle in my back and couldn’t walk for a week. Just as I was getting over that, I gave myself shingles.

That was…not fun.

What WAS fun, even with shingles, was getting on a plane and going to NYC to celebrate CODA’s official launch day. There was much revelry and laughter and things involving cheeseburgers and ketchup and pickle juice that I’m not willing to explain.

I saw Amazing Editor Lisa, who crossed state lines with CAKE for me:

2013-05-07 18.09.30

And friends sent cupcakes and chocolate and the craziest, most beautiful flowers ever:

2013-05-08 19.04.50

And I saw CODA on a table in Barnes & Noble in fabulous company:


2013-05-07 11.34.09

I met Awesome Editor Zareen for the first time, and she is WONDERFUL and I feel even luckier than I did before, which I didn’t know was possible. Also, she took me to eat sushi.

I went to Philadelphia and did an impromptu CODA signing in the Running Press offices, where I met ALL THE PEOPLE, before Amazing Editor Lisa took me out for delicious food with Equally Amazing Publicist Gigi and Designer Frances.

Aaaand I did all kinds of other New York Things like eat pizza and have Best Brunch Ever with one of my dearest friends, and play Cards Against Humanity in the Old Town Bar with a stellar collection of publishing people.

Now I’m back and working on many things, like a synopsis for the book that will follow FLIGHTS AND CHIMES AND MYSTERIOUS TIMES, and reading someone’s manuscript, and reminding my body what sleep is. In amongst all that, THIS HAPPENED:

We’ve known about the deal for a while, and it’s been SO tough to keep quiet. Finally we can talk about it, and PW did the above awesome article on it, so I’ll just say here that I adore my fellow Curators and all four of our agents, who have worked so hard to pull this together, and Virginia Duncan for wanting to publish the anthology, and everyone at HarperCollins/Greenwillow Books for being awesome.

Phew! I’m tired now. I’ll try not to let the dust build up on the blog in the coming weeks!

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The final Lesson From Magic Bird Book, or BIG NEWS

Finish the book that scares you. That’s the final lesson. Because AMAZING things will happen.

I may have mentioned the Magic Bird Book. Once or twice, perhaps.



I can finally, FINALLY tell you things about it. Some things that have been secret for days, and some for weeks, and some for nearly a YEAR. So we’ll start with that last one.

Magic Bird Book is, and always has been, named GEARWING. And GEARWING is a crazy, middle grade, Victorian, steampunk-ish fairytale with dragons and airships and all manner of FUN.

Which brings me to other secrets: you’re all going to get to read it, if you want to. This just went live on Publishers Weekly Children’s Bookshelf:

Zareen Jaffery at S&S Books for Young Readers has acquired at auction two middle grade novels by Emma Trevayne, author of the forthcoming YA sci-fi novels Coda and Chorus. In the first book, Gearwing, a boy accidentally travels from his home in Victorian London to an alternate, fairy-populated, steam-clogged version of the city, only to be caught in a web of dangerous politics; his only hope of returning home lies with the legend of an enormous, wish-granting clockwork bird. Publication is set for Summer 2014. Brooks Sherman of FinePrint Literary Management brokered the deal for North American rights. Brazilian rights were pre-empted by Companhia das Letras by João Paulo Riff at Riff Agency, in association with Kathleen Ortiz at New Leaf Literary & Media.

I’m trying so hard to be calm and I am FAILING SPECTACULARLY. I am so obnoxiously proud of this book and I was so anxious about it finding the perfect home, the perfect editor who could help me make it even better, and I shouldn’t have worried because I GOT HER. Zareen…GAH. Thank you. My eloquence is gone but thank you, thank you so much. The week this book sold was CRAZY. I was at ALA signing copies of CODA and getting updates on what was happening with the auction and it was just the very, very best kind of craziness.

And I need to thank Brooks, too, because he understood this book in the most perfect way. The full extent of his rock-star-ocity has yet to be revealed, but trust me, he is a rock star. And Kathleen Ortiz is a rock star, too. She sold those Brazilian rights faster than I could blink!

And, you know, my CPs and betas and friends and whatnot who kept me sane while writing this book because that is NO MEAN FEAT, seriously.

This book is going to be SO BEAUTIFUL. There will be illustrations and gorgeousness and surprise things! It makes my heart flutter just thinking about it. I absolutely can’t wait for it to be out in the world.


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The countdown begins! (And other random stuff)


For some reason this feels really huge, like we’re entering the home stretch. Pages have been proofread, ARCs are beginning to make their way out into the world. This is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking, and all I can really say about that is that I hope people enjoy it. Final decisions are being made. After almost exactly 2 years (I started writing it the last week of December 2010) I don’t get to change it anymore. That’s kind of weird.

While all that’s been happening, I wrote most of a (very messy) first draft of another MG book, finished the first round of edits on Magic Bird Book, and last weekend, resumed work on CHORUS, the sequel to CODA.

Me, for the past five weeks.

Returning to CHORUS has been interesting. I wrote a decent-sized chunk of it last December/January, and then for various reasons to do with timing and deadlines and more urgent things, I put it aside. I looked at it briefly in April, but really it hadn’t been touched for almost a year. I know the whole basic plot, but did I know what I meant to write in the sentence after the last one I wrote in January?

Answer: no.

I jumped that hurdle, though, and being back with these characters is a lot of fun, not only because of the awesome music I get to listen to while I write it. (OK, a big part of the fun is the awesome music.) Writing it makes me think a lot of the time when I was writing CODA, and comparing that to where I am now, with just six months before it’s on shelves, is kind of surreal and so, so cool.

That’s pretty much it! There’ll be some exciting announcements soon about stuff happening in January and beyond, but I can’t quite talk about them yet. Stay tuned!

Nothing to see here.




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Book Math

Plot ideas too good to pass up: 1
Approximate words written: 125,000
Actual length of MS: 53,500
Times I considered throwing my computer out the window: approx. 10,000
Caffeinated beverages: I can’t count this high
Cookies: See above
Months taken: 7
Play count of “Lovegood” from the HP7 soundtrack: 1035
Famous landmarks twisted for my own crazy purposes: 4
Misappropriated fairy tales: 1
Mad scientists: 1
Evil sorcerers: 1
Mischievous fairies: lots
Gateways to other worlds: 1
Airships damaged: 3
Characters killed: 10 1/2
Dragons: 2

= 1 finished book I’m prouder of than I’ve ever been of anything I’ve written.


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It’s been an age since I last blogged, I know, and there’s actually kind of a good reason for that.  Adventure!  Intrigue!  I had to have surgery!*  By the time I was back into the swing of things and feeling up to blogging again, everything I could’ve posted about paled in comparison to the information I’ve been sitting on since just before Christmas.


Offers, it seems, can sometimes be a little like buses.  You wait and you wait and then a couple come along at the same time.  After a crazy week in mid-December, SuperAgent Meredith** and I agreed to a deal with Running Press Kids, a division of Perseus Books, and my new editor, Lisa Cheng.  (‘My editor’ is going to take as much getting used to as ‘my agent’ – in other words, I might never get used to it.)  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with her, or that this book I’ve loved, slaved over, occasionally hated, stayed up all night for, gnashed my teeth at, and was finally so proud of is going to see the light of day.  Every character I’ve ever written or will write is close to my heart, but the ones in this book live inside it, drinking coffee, playing their music too loud (<—whatever this means), putting their feet up on the furniture and refusing to clean their rooms.

From the little I’ve shared here, you might know it’s science fiction, or that it’s about music.  It has a male protagonist whose appearance in my head (and subsequent hostile takeover of same) is really what started the whole thing off.  There’s a love story, but it’s not a romance.  There’s valid science and extrapolations of current science and things I invented at three a.m., high on caffeine and sleep deprivations.  There are parts I struggled to write and ones where I didn’t stop writing except to rub my hands together in evil glee.***

At least as things stand now, it’s called CODA and will be released in spring 2013.  Between now and then there will be all kinds of fun.  Editing!  Cover art!  The first time I hold it in my hands, when I will probably bawl and scream and dance around to Animal Collective****  like I did the day I first typed The End.

So many people helped me get here; you know who you are and I hope you know how much I love you.  All my thanks and embarrassing squealing noises and every cupcake I can ever lay my hands on to Mer, who believed in this book from the day she read my query, and to Lisa for loving it, buying it, and turning me into a REAL LIVE AUTHOR WITH A BOOK.

I can’t wait for everything ahead.  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Stick around, this is going to be a good year.



*One of these things is true.  I’m totally fine now.

**Now complete with gold lame cape!

***For which at least one of my friends still hasn’t forgiven me.  B, I’M SORRY, OKAY? ❤

****Summertime Clothes, dude.  Oh, yes.


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